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Thursday, June 07, 2018

USA Today has called Paul Iorio a pop music "expert"....Spy magazine has called him a "trend-spotter"...The San Francisco Chronicle said he "has an original way of approaching a story"....Novelist Harry Crews called him "a damn good writer"....And Barry Manilow once called him "a wonderful interviewer -- he's good!" (But don't let that turn you off!) Here is Paul Iorio's official home page:

>I'm Paul Iorio, an arts and entertainment writer/reporter whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Phoenix, The Huffington Post, The Toronto Star, Newsday, The Village Voice, Spy magazine, Details magazine, the online edition of Playboy magazine, New Times, Cash Box magazine and other publications. (This list does not include the papers that have run my syndicated stories or the international publications that have published my reporting for Reuters.)

My photography has appeared in The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Huffington Post and other publications. (Photography site: Original Photography of Paul Iorio.

And my original music has been aired on leading alternative radio stations like KALX, KCRW and WFMU. (Music site: MP3s at:

My daily blog on pop culture:

Audio excerpts from one-on-one interviews conducted by Paul Iorio: Streaming audio of exclusive interviews conducted by Paul Iorio

My resume: And here is a letter-of-recommendation from a senior editor who worked closely with me at the San Francisco Chronicle:

I'm based in Berkeley, California, and can be reached at in Berkeley, California.

This website features hundreds of pages of my published writings.

First, links to my published writings and original photography of recent months and years:

Here's my first real movie! (At the age of 60 in 2018, I finally have the tools to make one!)

It's called "The Lost Ferlinghetti Tapes," a mini-documentary on Lawrence Ferlinghetti that I'm thrilled and honored to say that The Los Angeles Review of Books just published minutes ago. Many thanks to the Los Angeles Review of Books for putting this on their platform.

"The Lost Ferlinghetti Tapes," a mini-documentary by Paul Iorio.

"The Lost Ferlinghetti Tapes" was produced, directed, written, narrated and edited by Paul Iorio, 2018. All interview excerpts are from Paul Iorio's one-on-one interview with Lawrence Ferlinghetti on August 29, 2000. Enjoy!


ON HUFFPOST, JANUARY 16, 2018: Paul Iorio weighs in on Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury":
ON HUFFPOST: Paul Iorio on "Fire and Fury"

2017: HUFFPOST: Remembering Pat DiNizio, 12/14/2017

2017:  HUFFPOST: Iorio Covers Tumultuous Appearance in Berkeley

First, here are a few recent articles (including my original photography) that have been published by The Huffington Post and others in recent months.

U.K. literary quarterly Beat Scene published my 20-page interview with Lawrence Ferlinghetti in the fall of 2016:  Beat Scene's Publication of Iorio's Interview with Ferlinghetti.

I covered the so-called "Milo Riot" in Berkeley for the Huffington Post. (This was a "promoted" piece.) HUFFPOST: Iorio's coverage of the 2017 Berkeley riot from the front lines.

Here's my coverage of an appearance by Bernie Sanders in October 2016:
HUFFPOST: Iorio's Coverage of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

And here's a popular piece I wrote on musician Don Henley in the fall of 2016:
HUFFPOST: Paul Iorio on Don Henley's "Goddman" Problem.

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